Training Programs

TENSHO understands the requirements and challenges of training individuals in a diverse and multicultural environment.

TENSHO has developed specialized training programs which incorporate the fact that each client has specific training needs. This “need” could be a result of a unique threat or environment which the client is not trained or properly equipped for. Solutions are also developed for clients who wish to further develop their existing systems and programs.

The training solutions developed by TENSHO are sustainable ensuring that the client develops the ability to continue the training in house.

TENSHO’s training programs are designed for legitimate and recognised government and corporate institutions. TENSHO does not offer training programs to the private sector.

To be offered in Switzerland:


  • Counter Hijacking Training Program (CHT)
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Training Program (SCS)
  • Abseiling and Mountaineering Training Program (AMT)
  • Tactical Aviation Training Program (TAT)
  • Vessel Anti-Piracy Training (VPT)

Offered by Tensho South Africa:


  • Basic Survival Training Program (BST)
  • Parachuting: Static-line / Freefall / HALO / HAHO (PARA)
  • Helicopter Despatching and Extraction Training Program (HDT)
  • Small Boat Operations Training Program (SBO)
  • Specialised Diving Training Program (SDT)
  • Counter Piracy Training Program (CPT)
  • Dog Handler and Dog Training Program (DHD)

For information pertaining to your specific training requirements please send us an email and a relevant training profile will be sent to you.

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