Aviation Security Consultancy and Tactical Training

Years of military and commercial aviation experience have allowed Tensho to develop aviation training solutions as well as tactical planning and training solutions for the commercial and state sector.

Many aviation companies working in challenging areas today, whether for commercial or humanitarian purposes are ill prepared for the diffculties that these areas may present. Crews are often employed from pools of recently qualified commercial pilots or ex-airline pilots who neither possess the skills nor knowledge to ensure a safe operation in these areas.

Tensho can help.

All sectors of aviation today are compelled by either their location, situation or governing law to undertake an aviation security program. Tensho designs programs tailored to your operation which encompass all facets of aviation security from basic surveillance and awareness to hijack prevention and survival.

Tensho's consultants boast many years of military and commercial operations in all parts of the world. It is this knowledge and experience which allows Tensho to support your operation in all aspects as well as to carry out security audits designed to evaluate your readiness state.

Are you operating in challenging areas? Are you operating in support of UN or other missions offering air transport? If so, Tensho can assist in helping you to determine the best possible profiles and operational doctrines to follow in order to mitigate risk to your aircraft and crews.

With years of experience in conflict zones in the deployment of both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, whether cargo or passenger, Tensho possesses the necessary skills and knowledge needed for planning and conducting such operations. Tensho can consult you on all aviation related matters successfully operate in challenging environments.

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