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Tensho Structure

Tensho South Africa

TENSHO started as a security services provider in South Africa over 15 years ago to date. The company grew to be an African risk solutions company which endeavours to enhance safety and security in order to enable sustainable growth, economic development and prosperity on the African continent. This is achieved through the provision of expert risk consultancy and the delivering of practical security solutions in accordance with the African Union’s vision and mission for an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa.

Tensho South Africa is a registered company with the South African Government and is fully compliant and registered with all security services' controlling bodies in South Africa for operations in the African and Middle East regions.

Tensho South Africa offers a variety of security related services for legitimate corporations and government institutions which encompass training, consultancy and the conduct of security operations. To visit Tensho South Africa: Tensho SA

Tensho Switzerland (In founding stage)

The name Tensho Switzerland is currently envisaged as brand product with the company being in the foundation stage. The aim of Tensho Switzerland is to present theoretical training and consultancy services with home base in Switzerland to the entire EU region. The brand Tensho is carried over to allow Tensho CH to enjoy credibility in and provable knowledge of its training programs and materials. These services are only offered to legitimate corporate institutions and state departments only.

The company does not aim at carrying out operational security services on EU and Swiss soil and does not hold a controlling stake nor decisional power in Tensho South Africa. The name Tensho is carried through as a brand name as the company makes use of the training materials and knowledge as well as consultancy materials and knowledge of Tensho South Africa.

All operational services promoted and resold on behalf of Tensho South Africa are contracted directly between Tensho South Africa and the client and also remain in the sole control of Tensho South Africa

(The promotion, establishment, advertising and marketing of Tensho CH is being undertaken by Serra Enterprises which is collaborating with the CESP and DAFE of the Swiss Government)

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